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Originally Posted by Laurens View Post
Will this integrate in the display of the DC/DS 16? Also, will it be able to recognize separate packs, telling you how much % you've used instead of pack voltage or used Mah?

1. Yes, all the telemetry will display on the screen. You get to pick the size of the display as well as where to display the data.
2. There is a module for the ESC to tell you the MAH used. You could wire these into a flight pack if you want if you want more than just pack voltage. There is a module that will give you individual cell readings also..
3. There are a few ways to do things. There is also an RPM sensor, GPS, all sorts of things.

The most interesting thing about all this is the voice synthesization. You can program it to talk the data through voice. The data is also stored in the SD card and can be played back on your computer later.

You can check out the modules here at:

Vector 550 Quad/Octo Multirotors
DJI WooKong Multirotor Controllers
Twin Bergen 44 Magnum Turbines - KERO Start FBL
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