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Well what switches do you want to use. Do you pinch and use a tray. Switch selection is very limited on the 9303/9505 so you may have to do some serious mods especialy if you are a thumber and hold the tx with your hands.
I use a 9303 in a tray and I use aux2/ Up is self level, middle is rigid and down is captain rescue, I have a piece of silicon tubing between the gimble housing and aux2 in middle position so when I pull the switch down for captain rescue it springs right back to middle rigid mode, just like a momentary switch. White gorilla glue sticks to silicon and you only need a few drops My middle finger is alway's on that switch when I fly. Here is a close up pic of aux 2 with the silicone tube mod to make it momentary between middle and down position, Works like a charm Moved my flightmode switch to left top of tx and gear is the tailgyro gain with a multipoint mix so I can have different gains for different flightmodes. Switches from left to right on face of tx are flightmode blue, gear red with up position rate mode and down heading hold with gains selected by flightmode, Aux2= SL, rigid and Captain recue red and lastly throttle hold,blue
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