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for me I plan on getting a jetti dc-16 tray radio for all my new heli builds and will install sticks with 3 position switch on top of one stick for flightmodes and one stick with push button momentary on top for captain rescue. Switch assignment and mapping/mixing is virtualy unlimited on this new glorius radio and all kinds of momentary 2 and 3 way and spring loaded switches etc can be purchased and installed anywhere on this radio easily. The radio is 100 percent customizable for you!! Thumbers may want to use the ds-16. I however plan on keeping my 9303 for bind and fly stuff and a few helis that I do not wish to remove spektrum sats/rx's from and buy jetti rx's for. I am liking the way my 9303 is set up now so much I am in no hurry to do this however.

PS I would bet that you see a lot more guy's transitioning to pinching and flying with a tray just for switching convienence with all the new features we will be getting on fbl units such as gps, return to home etc etc. Why fumble for a switch when it can be right at your finger tips and anywhere you want it LOL!
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