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Originally Posted by Seasick78 View Post
My future radio of choice would be the Jeti DS-16 (its the version that is still getting FCC certified but is not a tray radio... Oh, and I pinch the sticks too). Lightyears ahead of anything else. PERIOD

But... My 8FG does everything imaginable for the HC3sX. No mods needed, just program and fly.
Yap! when I do go dc -16 I will probably fly pinch with thumb, first finger and middle finger on the sticks! even more comfy for me than having to rest middle finger and finger next to pinky on switches. All needed switches for flightmodes and bailout will be on top of the sticks and I control even more precisely with the two fingers and thumb on the stick LOL! A ds-16 in a tray could be an option also but leaning towards the dc.

Edit- I have considered the spektrum dx10T tray radio but being that it is the same price as the jetti dc-16 currently is and has nowhere near the functionality and tailoring capabilities I have crossed it of my wish list. if the price came down a lot on the dx10T I would consider it, but at the current price for a dx10T the jetti at the same price just blows the dx10T out of the water LOL!

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