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Originally Posted by jcflyer View Post
Please provide more details.
I can give you the details of using one of the standard mix screens 3 thru 6 to do this but it is FAR from ideal and you sacrifice a lot more than you gain IMO and why I did not mention it in my other posts. Either way you still will only end up with rigid and captain rescue as there is no way to map the switch to work as a "3 way" in conjuntion with another switch. So if you want self level along with rigid and captain rescue you will need to use aux 2. I suppose you could move aux2 to wherever you want it and use the silicon tube trick to make captain rescue momentary.
As far as soldering the timer to gear the other poster will have to chime back in. I know how to do it but since I havent actualy performed the task I will let experience speak as to the how it is done,
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