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Originally Posted by taosgraveyard View Post
Switch the wiring around, inside the transmitter and you can then assign the mix to the trainer switch to control rescue


Of course it means you aren't likely to use this radio for buddy boxing, but so what?

Takes less time than you think,
I don.t get it. Why not just move aux 2 on the jr9303/9503 to the location you want. Example,you hold the tx and would like bailout where stock throttle hold is on the right side very top back of tx (not face) then swap aux 2 and throttle hold and use the silicon tubing trick I have in this thread to make the switch momentary between captain rescue and rigid, trust me it works like a charm! No soldering needed LOL! and you can assign throttle hold to rudder dr switch or aileron dr switch or just leave it stock where aux 2 was. Thumbers will prefer rudder dr switch for sure. Much easier programming this way also! and you get self level, rigid, and captain rescue all in one convenient place.
If you do not want to glue the silicon tube in place you could use a stick on tie wrap type cable clamp and tie wrap the silicon tube to it and stick it on with some good 3m 4011, There was not enough room on the face of my 9303 for the tie wrap base where I have mine so I white gorilla glued it with just a few drops as the stuff expands. Piece of cake

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