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Now if you decide to use aux 2 for your horizon mode switch you will not be able to use the gyro screen with the 9303/9503 for your tail gain (it works on aux2 channel 7). So inhibit the gyro screen and of course use the gear channel for tail gain (channel 5). You can still have different tail gains for each flightmode headspeed by following the pdf below which I prefer way better than assigning the gear as govornor and doing tail gain that way. Plus you gain a rate mode option to center your tail slider after carrying to flight line or switching to rate mode for tail rod adjustment or certain maneuvers that rate mode excells on. Forget the title as this works great with hc3sx and all fbl units with sats or fullsize rx. Also do not inhibit aux 2 as the screen shot shows in the pdf as you need it for horizon !!!
PS a value of 42 as shown in the pdf will give a value of 42 in the software bar for tail gain channel as long as your endpoints are tweaked to give 100% on the bar as you do with the others. 50 will be 50. negative 50 will be ratemode negative 50 etc

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