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Just finishing adding this to my Blog so doing a direct post in here:

Hope this helps.

Configuring Horizon and Bailout for the HC3-SX on a DSX9/X9303

It’s is a guide on how to setup the Horizon (self leveling) and Bailout (Captain rescue) so you can use both modes.

Now on my radio I have soldered the Trainer switch internally to the Gear switch so I can use a momentary switch for the bailout, rather than on/off with the Gear switch.

There is a guide to this already and it’s very simple for anyone with some soldering skills. Checkout this link -

So whether you've done the soldering or not is personal choice and the rest of the guide doesn’t require it.

1. Firstly setup your HC3-SX gains for both head and tail. Get the model flying as you want before going any further. Also setup the Horizon mode settings there are plenty of guides on this.
2. Next you’ll need to hook up the HC3-SX to your computer and head over to the RC Tab menu and switch the Tail Gyro channel to channel 8 so it doesn’t get used and allows us to do some mixing.
3. Now change the Head Gyro channel to channel 5 which will mean it is now assigned to the Gear switch.
4. Once done go to the diagnose tab where we can see what’s going on with our head gains.
5. On your radio head in to the ATV/endpoint menu and then the Gear channel.
6. Before making and changes make sure your switch positions on the radio are set. I set all mine to up.
7. Now head to the Diagnose tab and watch the Horizon channel
8. In your radio set the Gear + Number to 50% and the - Number to 100%
9. Next change the Aux2 + Number to 70% and the - Number to 55%. This will be used in our mixing shortly.
10. You are now done in the ATV/Travel endpoint page on your radio
11. Head to Prog.Mix1 in the radio
12. Enable the mix and set it to Aux2->Gear
13. Make sure SW Select is On
14. In the Curve set Point 0 to 0, Point 3 to -60 and Point 6 to -100

Now on the diagnose tab if all is well you should see the Horizon channel with all switches up at 0. If you move the Gear switch down it should drop to -125 which will enable Capt Rescue.

Flick all switches back up so Horizon is at 0 again and then move the Aux 2 Switch down one place and you should see +20 on the Horizon channel. This will give you Self Leveling. If you switch Aux 2 down to the bottom it should go to +50 in Horizon mode.

Finally Whilst in either Horizon mode 0, 20 or 50 enable Captain Rescue by flicking the Gear switch down and it should drop to -100 (depending on which horizon mode you are in) and Captain rescue will be enabled.

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