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Hello everyone,

MrMel, I just got a JR 11x (DSM2). I have the Fullsize Silverline Vbar running 5.3 Express. I have one Spektrum DSMX Satelite receiver that I bought by itself and another satelite that came with the AR8000 receiver.

I have a few questions to be completely clear and confident on the setup for my Goblin.

1. Can I use both of these satellites together on the Vbar?

2. If the answer to question # 1 is yes, then What mode do I have to select in the vbar software?

3. I also have the AR8000 lying around. Is it a better option to connect the Vbar to the AR8000 and run one satelite from the AR8000? (I prefer the cleaner set up with 2 sats, but my priority is functionality).

4. If you think I should run the AR8000 with one sat, then what mode should I select in the vbar software to run this setup?

I appreciate all of your help, this hobby would mot progress if it werent for people like you.

Best regards,
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