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Once the blades are on the grips, no longer an issue. However, it is much easier to swap blades that do not require spacers. Changing blades that require aligning the blades and spacers is a more time consuming process. If one tries changing the blades at the field, one risks loosing the spacers. One looks really silly when on all fours trying to find small parts on the grass.
How often do you feel the need to change blades at the field? Do you use different blades from flight to flight? The only time I'd ever need to pull blades after flying at the field is because of a crash and I'm done for the day with that heli anyway, so I'd be pulling blades (or what's left of them) at home.

As for lining up the spacers and blade in the grips, use a screwdriver or allen wrench smaller in diameter than the blade bolt. It's much easier to get everything aligned that way.
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