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Originally Posted by Greg B View Post
Bob O,

I followed your instructions for updating my DataPad to work with the Vortex.

But now how do I get it back to working with my Quark gyros again?
I'm stumped.
Originally Posted by Bob O View Post
I haven't tried it, but the DataPod should be interchangeable with the different Spartan products. Let me get my boy into bed and I'll connect a DS760 to mine and see if it recognizes it. It should. I'll post back here shortly.
I used this exact DataPod with a Quark when I first got it, so I know it works. Here's the proof:

But after updating the DataPod with the Vortex file, I can't get it to do anything else.

Originally Posted by Angelos View Post
Thanks for the update guide Bob. Your effort is much appreciated... but I think you've just volunteered to do the next one too

Maybe not, Angelos. I can't figure out how to install the Virtual Flash Link.

I went through the knowledge base over and over. I tried following these steps:


Step 1: Download the "Virtual Flash-Link Driver" from the DataPod Downloads page. The ZIP file contails two files which you should extract to a folder on your computer.

Step 2: Plug the DataPod to a USB port of your computer and step through the installation process as needed. Direct windows to the driver files when requested.

I downloaded the ZIP file just fine and extracted the two files to a folder. But on Step 2, no matter how I connected the DataPod, there was never an installation process. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium. I also tried it on another computer with Windows XP SP3 and same results.

If I pressed "S" and plugged the USB cable in, all it did was display USB on the DataPod screen. If I didn't press any buttons, I got this other message and then nothing else would happen.

When connecting the DS760 to the DataPod, I got the message Lost Comms.

I thought the DataPod could be used to adjust a parameter on the Vortex, then turn right around and use it on say a Quark, the go right back to the Vortex for some more tuning. I'm probably missing something.
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