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Originally Posted by Greg B View Post
Bob O, Thanks for checking it out.
That is my exact same experiance with the DatPod when trying to now use it with the Quark or trying to reinstall the Flash-Link. Plus I can't find the DataPod Update Tool on the Spartan website to try that.
Right. The only file I could locate that would actually run and update the DataPod was the VX1 file. I couldn't find the DataPod Update Tool anywhere.

My DataPod obviously functions in Bridge Mode, but the Virtual Flash Link option isn't working to the best I can tell, otherwise I should be able to have a direction connection to the DS760 without using the computer, which I can't use either because either way I get the Lost Comms message.

I'm sure Angelos will tell us what's going on, tell us what we might be doing wrong, help us out, etc. Until then I have two thoughts. One is that the DataPod can only have one Editor on it at a time, which means it can only be used for that particular device. Second thought is that it can have more than one Editor on it and I'm just not doing something properly with it.


Check your DataPod

Power on your DataPod whilst holding the [+] button pressed. The screen should display "Editor for ds760 and Quark" and the version number must be 1.10 or newer. If your DataPod is running a different software or an older version use the "DataPod Update Tool" to load the correct version.

When I follow the above step, all I get is the VX1 message.

Virtual Flash-Link - A functionality of the DataPod that makes it appear as a serial (COM) port on your computer, thus allowing the ds760 and Quark firmware update and parameter editor programs to communicate with the gyro through the DataPod. Virtual Flash-Link is part of the DataPod application "Editor for ds760 and Quark" and was introduced in version 1v10. It supports both Duplex and Simplex modes without additional harware adapters.

I can't find the Editor for DS760 and Quark to install. It was on the unit when I got it (mine was a pre-release unit), maybe it got overwritten by the VX1 file.
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