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5. Going back to the SERVO MONITOR menu, turn off the NEUTRAL test function. Within LINKAGE screen, enter the SWASH menu. There you will see NEUTRAL POINT and SWASH AFR.

Under usual circumstances, the NEUTRAL POINT menu will not need to be manipulated. Per your model manufacturer's recommendations or your own preferences, set the AILERON SWASH AFR for the MAXIMUM desired amount of aileron cyclic (roll) pitch. 6-7 degrees is a good starting point. Repeat this for the ELEVATOR SWASH AFR. 6-7 degrees is a good starting point here as well. The PITCH AFR sets the TOTAL number of degrees of collective pitch range that the model has. For most models, the total range should be between 20-22 degrees of total pitch.
I don't understand this part at all. Maybe I'm quite defft, but what is it exactly I have to do - I have three values expressed in percentage + or - , as I understand these values control the movement range of the swash up and down (giving collective pitch) and they have to be identical all three?

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