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Exclamation Programming a Kontronik Jazz, Easy as pie!

**NOTE** if your Jive is version 6 or greater note comments on bottom of this post please, thanks**

Ok so there seems to be some confusion on how to program the Kontronik Jazz ESCs'. I can tell you in full confidence these are the easiest ESC to program bar none.

Here we go, as best as I can explain this.
**If this is your first time, take off main blades for safety and peice of mind**
1.) Ensure your transmitter is on, ensure you are in normal mode with a linear throttle curve 0-100.
2.) Now ensure your tx throttle stick is low, @ 0.
3.) If your receiver is powered by a seperate battery source please plug it in now.
4.) Now with the "black jumper" on your Jazz esc please plug in your Jazz esc and allow it to initiate, you will hear the indication beeps.
5.) Now you have heard the beeps, please pull the jumper off the Jazz esc pins, you will now hear it confirm this action by a series of quick beeps.
6.) Now to program to mode 1 which is factory default you will listen for the Jazz to ring out 1 beep, when you hear this one beep count put your throttle stick to full 100%, do not worry the heli will "NOT" spool up! Leave the stick at full till you hear confirmation beeps, then you will hear a single beep confirming mode 1, then pull off the power to ESC.
7.) You are now programmed to Mode 1 which is factory default base setting.
8.) Now you want to have your esc into "Heli Governor" mode, you are looking to program the Jazz ESC to "Mode 4".
9.) Put the "black jumper" back on the esc, and put your throttle stick on tx back to 0%
10.) Now plug your esc back in, wait for the conformation beeps once again.
11.) Pull off the black jumper, wait for (4) beeps now. Once four beeps put throttle stick to 100%, again do not panic no blades will turn etc, wait for the confirmation and the four single beeps then unplug the esc again.
12.) Return the throttle stick to 0% once again.
13.) Now you are programmed to Heli Mode Governor!
14.) Next step is to ensure that your motor is spinning correct direction.
15.) With blades off preferably for safety or on and standing ways away plug everything in, allow the confirmation beeps to take place and spool up heli.
16.) If heli is spinning correct way you are basically done with one small step left. Disconnect the ESC from lipo and put on blades if blades are on goto next step.
17.) If heli is going correct way mount your blades as mentioned and simply spool up in Idle 1 with a value for example of 70% flat throttle curve, allow the rotor disc to find a stabalized speed, once that is acheived you can now enjoy your jazz and it will have learned its timing for the motor you are using. If heli is spinning wrong way goto next step.
18.) Heli motor spinning wrong way? No problem, mode 7 is what you need to do! "OR" you can swap the wires around if that works for you, want to do it through programming in a simple step, read on, .
19.) Again have black jumper on the pins, tx stick at zero and plug in the ESC.
20.) Confirmation beeps and then pull jumper, wait for (7) beeps then full throttle, again do not worry heli will not spool up. Confirmation beeps and seven single beeps then dis connect lipo from esc. Your motor direction is now reversed and you can go back to step 16.

Key points to know about Jazz after this is done.

1.) If you change your pinion size you should do a Mode 1, than Mode 4 etc to your heli again. By changing pinion you have changed how the motor will load and the Jazz esc may need to adjust to that change. Same goes for a big lipo or battery source change. Also in this regards if you change transmitters you should do this so the ESC can learn the full throttle path of your new transmitter and know 0% and 100% of your throttle points.

2.) Once all programming is done keep the black jumper in a secure location in case you need it again. They are easy to lose so keep them somewhere safe! :wink:

3.) Use flat throttle curves for idle 1 and 2 "DO NOT USE V CURVES", the Jazz governor is God of all ESCs'

4.) Your esc % "throttle" can be as low as 57% with no negative heat effects to the Jazz, it is not advised to run lower than this value however.

5.) Jazz escs love "low pole" count motors and with 100% certainty perform better with them ie: Actros, Orks, however they can and have worked with basically every motor on the market I have tried.

6.) There are even far more settings within the Jazz, read your manual if you wish to venture past these points, but these truly are all you need to do, .

I hope this clears up any questions, any add in key points will be added in etc so this provides good instruction to those new to the Jazz escs.

**ADDITION** Mode (11) added in version 6 and 7 of Kontronik ESCs // **September 2009**

Mode 11: What is this you ask? Well this is the cats meow now. It basically holds your RPM in load and descending load, or overspeed situations.

If you wish to engage Mode 11 as it is a heli goverened mode you may simply do Mode 11 as per above, with (11) beeps. Now if rotor is turning right way you are off to races. Hook in your "weakest lipo" first time around, set flat curves as you would above in discussion. Tach your headspeed, adjust FLAT curve as required to your desired HS is achieved. Now you are good to go.

Now.. if you hook in your new or more powerfull packs, at that % you have set regardless of their being new and output availability your esc WILL maintain that first set headspeed. A very nice update they did there, do enjoy.

I hope you find this helpfull, cheers.
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