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Yea well I argued this with Haldor and Mike, I can assure you if you do not you will not the see the performance increases you may have wanted by a pinion / lipo change. Try it for yourself and you will see John, I confirmed this myself as well with the Jazz series, not just the "Beat" series. I think it might come down to say for example if you were changing from a tango motor to another tango motor it might not make a difference. But when I had changed from example a NEU to a Actro I flew it and thought "OK COOL". Landed did a mode 1, than mode 4 and "felt" the difference in flight immediately after doing these steps. So from then on I assumed it always made a difference and do it by practice. Perhaps with the newest ones in last 6 months this could have changed ...? I dunno, but I see that thread was from February 2006. Either way it only takes 2 minutes tops to do these steps once you have done them a few times, becomes second nature, and then you "know" with 100% certainty that you have done all you can do to assure maximum performance.
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