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Hey Shawn, Nice writeup. I would only suggest you put in a heli preparation step (step 0) to remove blades, or pinion, or main gear for safety, in case something goes wrong, IE a person pulls the jumper at the wrong time, or forgets to put it on, or whatever. Also they can just disconnect the motor and watch for the LED blinks, if they prefer...

Better safe than sorry. I know it should not spool up, but Lithium already had this happen to him, and I'd hate to see it happen to anyone else...

The question as to whether the jazz needs to be re-initialized if you change motors is certainly interesting. Obviously this would depend on whether the esc stores information on the timing it has chosen to drive the motor with or not. I suspect it just figures it out each time you spool up, but I could be wrong. Why would you add the complexity of writing data to rom, and reading it every time you start up, if you already have the algorithm to figure out the correct timing... I'd just let it figure it out each time and save the hassle of reading and writing... Anyway it is my understanding that the jazz series change timing depending on the demand on the motor, so reading a fixed timing from rom makes no sense in this case also.. It would be nice to know what's really going on in there.

This heli stuff is a pretty deep Rabbit hole, you just have to decide how deep you are willing to go...

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