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lol, well yes, I don't let much put me off, but when I posted it was more about the unit than what I'd been up to. The fact is I would have flown with my previous controller too, so what I wanted to do was try out the Vortex in those types of conditions as well, which is why I went out, come what may. The thing that I was testing, and then wanted to show you with the video, which hopefully came across, is that the Vortex performs exceptionally well in windy and gusty conditions. I know other controllers do too, but we didn't know about this one. Bear in mind that tree to my left, near the end, is bare of all leaves, but if you look at the trees behind me, when I turn around at the end, just briefly, for about the last two seconds of video, you will see that those are being bashed about pretty good, yet the heli was impressively stable.


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