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Default Tarot ZYX, ZYX-S & CopterX 3X-1000 Advanced Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide


It seems to me there's a lot of knowledge about these gyros floating about, but not a succint and easily understandable summary, so here's my attempt of doing just that. This is not a setup thread, but rather a guide for the pilot who is past the basic setup and trying to get the most out of these FBL controllers.

If you're looking for setup help, there's no better place to start reading than the very first post on the RCG ZYX Thread. So I'll go ahead and assume you've done that and have set up your mechanics and controller as well as anyone could do.

This tuning guide starts after you've completed the basic mechanical and gyro setup. Or perhaps you've been flying the ZYX for a while and just feel it could fly better. Now you're contemplating the myriad of options check boxes and numbers in the Advanced settings window.

Let's get started

OK, so if you're new, I suggest you start with the "3D Soft" preset. Otherwise, use whatever settings you're currently flying and work from there. But first, read the definitions of the advanced parameters here.

Before you do anything I must emphasize the importance of a proper pre-flight checklist. Use it every time you plug in a flight pack before you arm your ESC:
- check the compensation directions on all axes. Pick up the heli and tilt the chassis around watching the swashplate. It sould swing in the oposite direction of your tilting, attempting to stay level. Do it along the elevator and aileron axes. Then rotate the heli around the main shaft (Yaw) and watch the tail blades - the trailing edge should swing in the same direction the tail is traveling.
- check response to stick inputs: set the heli on the ground and watch the swashplate as you move collective and cyclic, and the tail blades for yaw.
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