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Originally Posted by Mercuriell View Post
Do different idle ups work in mode 4 - I arm in throttle hold then flick straight to idle up at 75% (which is great) but if I flick into idleup2 at 85% it doesn't seem to change and I wondered if the Jazz sets itself to the first >0 level then sticks at that level ?
Mine certainly behave differently. I have mine set for my Logo 500 at 65% for normal, then 75%/85% for Idle 1/2. The attached graph shows a nice crisp change when I went from Normal to Idle 1. I don't really use 2, but that's how I have it programmed.

I've also seen setups where the noise change was quite subtle. Try changing the gap so it's larger to see if that makes it more audible.

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