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Originally Posted by Mercuriell View Post
Do different idle ups work in mode 4 - I arm in throttle hold then flick straight to idle up at 75% (which is great) but if I flick into idleup2 at 85% it doesn't seem to change and I wondered if the Jazz sets itself to the first >0 level then sticks at that level ?

Sounds like your Jazz is 'stuck' in Auto (APM) mode. That is, it will take your first Idle-up setting as ~100% gov. If you want a lower hs you need to then have and idle up ~80% of that 1st setting. Mine seemed 'stuck' on this mode as well so I would first flick out of TH to !dle-up2 (100% flatline) and spoolup, letting the hs stabilise (~2200 in my case), then flick it into Idle-up 1 (~2000 hs in my case) and go fly.

To try to get out of this APM mode you should follow Shawn's initial advice in this thread and first reprogram your esc to mode 1, switch everything off, and then reprogram it to mode 4. I've tried this and it does seem to 'hard-wire' the throttle settings better esp if you first spool it up at 100% idle-up 2 to begin with. You then can play with Idleup 1 settings (maybe start at 80%). It then seems to memorise this high setting so when you startup next time (on your next flight pack) in Idle up 1 at, say 80%. the hs should be pretty well what it was previously (~2000 in my case).

The other way around this is to use the prog-card to set fixed throttle endpoints. Easier to stick with stick programing if you can imop.

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