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Originally Posted by hemp View Post
Grr. San Diego. You make me sick with your sunshine and blue skies.
Haha tell me about it. I just moved here a year and a half ago from Pittsburgh. I'm never leaving this place! I fly all year 'round!

Originally Posted by comatosed View Post
My misses has used the 'I'll take pics of you flying if you buy me a new camera' trick many times. I never once fell for it. After seeing those I might have to cave in on this one
You need decent zoom so a cheap Point and Shoot won't work.

These were taken with a Canon SX30IS. Latest version is the SX50IS, which is even better. They're not even the best possible shots that one can get with this camera though. Look at this one she got the same day of my 120! It was at a pretty good distance when she snapped this!

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