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Default Jittery Servo Solution

Esprit has the following instructions on how to correct a potential issue with jittering high speed servos. This should only affect anyone with a 7 channel or above receiver.

To avoid or resolve any potential servo jitter you should:
1) Set the receiver Output Period to "ByTransmitter"
2) Use only output groups A-F (only for R7 and above).

Step 1)
- Select "Main Setting" in the Rx menu column
- Go down to the Output Period menu
- Select the "ByTransmitter" option (go entirely left)

Step 2)
- Enable the Full menu option in Menu Display field
(This is found below the menu Output Period. With this
option enabled more Rx options are visible)
- Go to the Out Pin Set Menu column
- In the Set Output Pin screen select output Y7 and check
that the group for Y7 is group "A".
(Select Y7 and then scroll all the way down and modify,
if needed, the Output Group to A and then press and hold
the up button to select next output)
- You will need to repeat this for the next outputs Y8, Y9, etc... (One
after another)

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