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For what it's worth... I found these pliers at Home Depot and thought it is close enough to what I needed.

I did not know what will come out of my experience trying to rewind my first motor so did not want to spend a load of money on all the recommended tools.

So I have modified these Irwin brand pliers and went through a few refinements in the process. First the ends were thicker and had flat surface, then I had to make them even thinner to be able to get even further between the windings to decrease the change of slipping. Nevertheless the wires still slipped out and got nicked. Then I thought about making a grove but the surface was wide enough to fit two grooves. So that is what I did. Powered grind wheel, dremel then 400, 1000 and finally 2000 grit sand paper to finish it off. Its pretty much polished mirror like surface but because the ends are so thin if you manage to press hard enough for it to slip backwards there is a good chance to strip the wire insulation still. But once I learned how and where to properly apply this custom tool it worked pretty well. Mind you since this was my first experiment I only tried it with 1.3mm thick wire so far and was successful at doing so in the end after many trials.

Here's the result and it seems to work ok as long as there's ample space to grab the wire and press carefully to compress it against the tooth. Having 2 grooves in the upper and lower jaw really helps make sure wires don't slip out sideways. But like mentioned above there is still a slight chance of slippage backwards. Have to be careful with that and it will work fine.


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