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No (on the video) and Yes (on the 6V for DS3400G).

Setting up the DX7 for any gyro is much the same. The only trick with the L2100T is ensuring that it has recognised your Tx as "JR". If you have problems getting it to recognise a Spektrum Tx as JR then:

a) Disconnect the Rudder (not Gear) channel from the gyro
b) Power up Tx with zero sub-trim/trim on the Rudder channel
c) Power up Rx and wait for it to connect to the Tx
d) Hold full left rudder on the Tx and plug the rudder channel into the gyro

The gyro should now recognise the Tx as "JR". Turn off the Rx power.

The other thing to remember with a DX7 and ALL gyros is to be sure to rebind the Rx if you make any sub-trim changes to the rudder channel otherwise the gyro won't see them at power-up and you will get drift.
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