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Originally Posted by eagleridge View Post
Rick, the grips have a pre load.. Pull outward on them and turn to make sure they free up and move smoothly.. The linkages will bed in nicely after a few flights. You may need to "exercise" the swash ball to loosen it up a little..
Originally Posted by dodgeboy View Post
Rick, you will find all your links will be tight. this is good. like Kevin said, if your able to pull out and rotate grips and they are smooth your good to go.
as for the links, do not size the links from the head to the swash. all the other links, including the radius arms you can size.
i took a sizing tool and used a Alees ball screwed into the end of it. once i did this i scribed a good mark on the ball. then i used this to size each link ever so little till it moved smoothly.
let me see if i can find that pic.....
Originally Posted by dodgeboy View Post
OK, thanks. I won't worry about them and may exercise them a bit.

Originally Posted by dunkonu23 View Post

I see no problem in jumping around with the build.

On the head... Check out the tech tip video. The grips are normally tight turning when you first build them. After a couple of flights, the dampers/flap inserts settle in and then become much smoother. Because of the preloading, they will never be completely free but will feel luxuriously smooth.

One thing to check is the orientation of the damper spacer--the tapered edge faces the damper.

OK, thanks. Yep, got the tapers right. Remembered to read the little red note that I all too often noticed after the fact, lol.

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