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Originally Posted by heli143 View Post
First of all, I have known Irwin since 1989 or so when i lived at West Point, NY and never had a problem with him. I visited his store in Fort Lee often and he was always good to me and my son.
None of us are perfect and I hope that some of those who bash him are not just piling on without ever meeting him.
Perhaps a new person running the company was a good idea so that folks would give the company a fair shake but from the post above it may not happen.
Guess we will see what happens now.

Dude you need to stop digging up old posts. Also you need to catch up with what is really happening with this company. Irwin has posted other places that he is closing the store front.

He claims that he plans on keeping the web side of the business going. However with the current shape of the web site good luck with that.

I have been to the shop, and talked with Irwin several times in person. With that said I will not miss his shop or products.
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