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Originally Posted by th0rg0d View Post
While building my head, I took notice of this advice. I double checked the screw length, and threaded the 3x10 into the head without the flap inserts or head button. It did not want to continue into the head block, the screw never protruded into the center. Not that it wasn't long enough, but it was tightening up like it was bottoming out, even though you could clearly see that the hole was drilled completely through.

I then installed the head button with the 3x10, and found that it took considerable wrist strength to tighten up. I stopped tightening as soon as the button stopped being able to spin. The 3x10 still was not protruding into the center of the hub.

Thank you for pointing this out Rick, as I wouldn't have bothered to even pay attention most likely. Maybe Charlie made an adjustment to the height of the head button, or maybe you got a thinner hub?
Thanks for this. On closer inspection, the screw the manual called out is correct and it does not hit the flap inserts. When they tapped the hole, they apparently didn't tap it far enough, which made me think the screw was hitting the Flap Inserts, but it was just bottoming out on threads I guess.

The 3x10 screw is about 9.8 mm and it sticks out below the button about 4mm. The hub measures about 5 mm deep, so there is ample room. I took out my 3x8 screw and turned in the stock 3x10 screw really hard. This is a much better solution, thanks. I edited my write up accordingly.

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