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Originally Posted by rdlohr View Post
I have always used blue and never had a problem with screws coming loose. But, I have never used screws this large, and never had a heli this large. A Logo 600 is my largest.

We have exceeded my knowledge level on loctite. Here is what I remember:

Blue: Medium strength. Removable
Red: Permanent strength. Not to be removed. (need heat to remove?)
Green: Adhesive. Not sure if this is stronger than red or not.

I don't remember anyone saying the size of the screws played into how well the loctite held, but everywhere red was called out in this manual there are large screws. Can someone add to my knowledge here because I would rather do this right once than have to worry about screws coming loose.

Loctite recommends purple (222) for bolts up to 1/4" in diameter, blue (242/243) for bolts 1/4" to 3/4" in diameter, and red (271) for bolts up to 1" in diameter.

Green (290) was designed to be used after assembly (the loctite will wick into the threads).
Green (609) is used a retainer for things such as bearings.
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