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Originally Posted by MrMel View Post
I seen video many times..seem as though windows just had a pop up and said the drivers are not loading when I use the new 5.3 disk.. Windows 7 professional . 12 hrs invested so far looking to fix this ,,, have a friend over here now trying to help..he's having a tough time also.. We adjusted norton 360. Nothing changed.. Uninstalled 5.3 and reinstalled 6 times or more ..still nada. Had him see your video,, nada.. It won't show up in device manager. exclamation points. And the video is so blurry I cannot tell also what you said it was supposed to show in ughhhhh geeez Loiuz
Always thanks for the help much appreciated makes the hobby alot easier and enjoyablesince i began flying in dec.2011
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