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Gotta love it, bro! Thanks for the write ups!

I used the clear tube on one bearing/rubber at a time. I scored the torque tube with an Xacto blade and used CA. I used oil in the boom the first time I installed the torque tube and silicone spray the last time. I like the spray better. The one I had a little trouble with was the last bearing/rubber... it kept going in too far. After three or four tries, I got it right.

Looks like you had the same results I had with the pins. Perfect the first time. Also, when you install your servos, you can make sure you have the links right on the bell cranks the same way--just center your servos first without the frame zero tools. If you get your servos centered, don't be surprised if the links pop right on the balls.

You may also not have to put in any subtrim with your FBL unit. On both the BeastX and Vortex, I had to put in no subtrim. Amazing... just amazing!

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