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Originally Posted by dodgeboy View Post
rick i sized all of them except the pitch links. i posted a pic of a little tool i made that you can make if you have that type of tool.
Thanks much.

Originally Posted by dunkonu23 View Post
No. I just let them wear in. I get a little servo singing off center, but not much. I have thought about it, but it flies great like it is and I don't want to break it trying to fix something that doesn't need fixin'.

Lengths are all box stock from the first time I built the helicopter except the elevator links... if you read the build thread, Dom was right. I had them off. They're all box stock and the frame zero tools do their job perfectly.

On the Vortex install, I did have to lengthen one link, I think one turn, but I didn't use the frame zero tools for that setup. Just trying different things.

OK, I think I will let them wear in as well. If I have a problem, I'll go the dodgeboy tool route.
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