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Default what would YOU like to see next from blade?

Blade/Horizon Hobby has built real presence, at least in the USA as a serious micro heli source, with excellent customer service. Yes there are always exceptions, but I'm saying overall perception.
I think a direction for Blade to consider in addition to the small wonders they are already delivering, is to provide a One Stop upgrade path and supply shop. We all try to find bigger, better and/or more durable motors, ESC, servos, tools.

I'd like to see a line of premium option items, motors, drop-in replacements with superior to stock bearings, precision and durability for those who really just want to fly, fly, fly.

Also offer even higher output version motors with any required ECU and mounting hardware. Again, using high durability, quality components.

I think such motors for the 300x, 450x , and the upcoming 500x and 550x would be well received.
Offer metal geared premium servos, again as a one stop option shop, and for those helis noted.

Even consider 6s complete high performance kits for 450 class helis, 12s for the 550. Probably not as much demand for these as the above, but as a one stop shop for all your electric heli needs?

Consider exploring agreements with alternative battery suppliers, offering those name brand batteries at a more addict friendly price. You don't have to make 50% markup if you gain more repeat buyers of your higher markup parts,options and new products... Fine line on markup, value both real and perceived. You have the basic infrastructure, just beef it up.

Sure, we'll still look at others offerings, but just think of the number of those people who don't know of Helifreak, rr or other sites. Blade would reinforce repeat sales as being the first stop for those buying Blade helis to think of for useful upgrades, not just bling.

Make the upgrade path simpler for technopeasants, I.e. Those coming into a much more technically demanding hobby with little useful ability. We referred to early personal computer Users as Technopeasants...they could kinda half use the product...the term coined years ago..nearer the Dr. Dobbs / Z80 8080 8088 6502 68000 Computer Shopper start era than the PC Magazine of today...yeah I'm a little older than some of you..I even own a Sperry-Univac BC7...

A bit long but Blade/HH can do a lot more than introduce new models. We'll be watching with great anticipation for the new models anyway...Ha!
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