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Default what would YOU like to see next from blade?

Originally Posted by David Eichstedt View Post

Have you seen these? They are exactly what you've requested - very high quality, high-output motors with Japanese bearings. We're using one in the 550X.
Yes, that is where I had bought the Eflite 450 motor for one of my 450x helis. I also had to buy an Align pinion as none of the part numbers on the 450 motor data sheet shipped with it were to be found by HH when we bought it. My lhs placed the call to H H for me.

I meant to have these premium motors And suitable pinions available through the website listed under the heli they fit as premium upgrade options for a one stop shopping experience. Of course you could provide a link in the site to jump to the appropriate site/option...but then how to order such cross linked items under one cart/checkout.. Not really tough with the right backend software...but it can get expensive implementing and maintaining...

Having the Eflite premium level motors on HH site is fine for general public accessibility To cover non-blade usage as well. Unlikely a Tarot or HK users' first lookup for a motor would be on, HH would probably occur earlier in searching...depends how one looks,lists.

Don't get me wrong David, I really do enjoy what the HH/Blade/Spektrum entities deliver. I am well versed in the backend, manufacturing (mechanical and bleeding edge electronic), operations I.T. test and even outsourcing.
Most people have no real appreciation for all you guys and gals go through to deliver the products you do, nor the daily issues continuing to provide the level of customer satisfaction you do!

Keep up the good work! We know you actually do listen and some of us realize how much your shrink/bar bill must be to keep maintaining and upping standards...and why some of us retired!
So many hobbies,interests and places... so little time....
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