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I would like to see a beginner/Intermediate level CP Heli that you don't have to worry about if you burn up the motor when are you going to fly again or one that you have to buy parts before you open the box to make it fly decent.

With the Nano parts supply issue (AKA M.I.A. motor and FF blades), and then with the mcpx v2 needing the extended tail and the o-rings right out of the box and people saying that in order to fly inverted it is difficult without going brushless, I wish I had another option!

Then you have the mcpx bl, Looks like a winner but to quote others, “Not meant for hovering.” I like the 450 3d since you can tame it down to learn and progress to some 3d on when you get better, but you need the space which isn’t always available and then you have the expense of life’s little mistakes. (CRASH=$$$ )

How about a mcpx v2.5, it comes standard with a little bit more powerful brushed or a tamer brushless (compared to the mcpx bl) main motor and the extended tail with a appropriate tail motor to match the main motor.
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