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Default 4 out of 5 are done

I have 5 V-bars and 4 of them I payed to upgrade to 5.3 Pro so I am in the system as the owner. I can't figure out why all of the owners were not contacted about this issue via e-mail since we are in the data base at Mikado.

My 5th V-bar was purchased from a private party as part of a package deal on a used helicopter,now I have to contact the seller after the fact to (own) my V-bar

I for one do not like that option at all, I think we should be able to send Mikado the serial number along with as much information we have first, and then IF there is a problem have Mikado advise as what they would like us do.

This is like trying to clear a title on a car after you buy it.

Now that we know what Mikado wants, sellers should have some way to notify Mikado that they sold the V-bar so the buyer knows that they can complete the transaction.
Some sort of proof of ownership transfer at the time of sale.

I am all for stopping hackers and totally understand the problem, I just do not like it when I pay full price for a product and am a licensed user to find out something like this on a forum.
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