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Originally Posted by GimpyGolden View Post
Just saying more and more people agree Pro is a must or at least some of it's features are so update and registering is a must to many/most as well.

Yes Express flies fine but with competitive unit having similar features as Pro and better pricing it is only matter of time Pro will have to be included.

Upgrade was a simple process but now not so much.
I do understand this was a needed action which is unfortunate. Just hopembuyers of used units are taken care of quickly.
When you purhase Pro, the license download is automatically enabled, No change.

Again: on Express vs Pro, you look at this forum and think "WHY in the .. do not all have pro"
It's FORUM USERS who are Pro users, in reality, Express rules, Yep, Actually it does.
So, to answer your question, do it have a place, Absolutely, no question.

so No, Pro is not a must nor does most people think so, it's a nice addition for those that needs it or whats it.

Then ofcourse when users become more "Pro" themselves, then they tend to go Pro directly, to utilise the potential.
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