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You're going to love the X5!

I love my 6S 450X but the X5 is a wonderful bird. If you like a twitchy, crazy fast heli, don't hesitate to push the settings up in the X5. It'll fly very quickly and become very agile with loads of stability and pop that the 450X it has a level of precision and is locked in in it's rotor assembly in a way the 450X (which has a really sloppy head) can't hope to have to always fight the 450X where you just don't with the just does exactly what you want even when you get crazy with it.

The Gaui whilst huge compared to the 450X is actually one of the smallest birds at the club/field but it flys like a huge heli. I absolutely love mine. All I need now is a 12S X5 and I'm set!

Very nice Fusano's by the way.

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12S 4035-500 Gaui X5 Formula VBar, 6S 2520-1880 Gaui X3 AR7200BX, Phantom 3 Professional
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