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Originally Posted by Usman View Post
Well after some help from BLADE SR BIBLE I turned the proportional down slightly......and realized that it is only normal for this bird to want to spin clockwise when spooling up on training gear.... ( i want to get nice big foam balls for the training gear, anyone have any suggestions about how and what to modify the training gear with aftermarket foam to make it more durable? ) and lifted it it up and flew a whole battery pack...only hovered it a little this thing is awesome...really helps haveing the skills i developed from the blade sr120..... ! I am soo thrilled i got this thing in the air for a whole battery pack !
You've got me beat! After 10 flights and ten expensive repairs I put it back in the box and stored it on my shelf of unwise decisions.
I can easily fly all of my other birds and fix them quick when I break them. No need to waste more time on the SR!
Hey, anyone want to buy it? 2 packs, barely used, a metal head that cost me over $100.... Any reasonable offer to the masochist out there
Heck, I might even accept unreasonable offers...

Oh yeah, a spare tail motor too!
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