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Default New free simulator (Version 2 now available)

I would like to announce the offering of HeliSim: a new free simulator for RC electric helicopters.

I wrote this simulator, mainly to fill the needs of new RC heli pilots. I genuinely believe it to be substantially better than FMS for helicopters, especially 450 electrics. I hope it offers new fliers a simulator that will provide good training, and save them a bundle of money compared to the commercial sims (to be spent on batteries or parts, obviously).

If you already have a commercial sim, you have less motivation to get it. But you may still want to so everyone has a common simulator. It can then be used to exchange flight recordings! One thing it offers that I hope will be useful for learning new maneuvers, is a visual indication of stick positions during record/playback. So you can watch what the heli is doing, and simultaneously see the stick positions that caused it!

Anyway, its available for download now.

This simulator is in basically final form, but if there is consensus among experts that something needs to be tweaked to achieve more realism… I am open to feedback, and will do my best to improve it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Version 2 is available now.
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