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Originally Posted by th0rg0d View Post
I had the YGE set to 3.1 and slow-down. After the crash I reviewed all settings. It clearly didn't slow down. As soon as the power dropped, I was in TH attempting my best save.

I have now set LVC to 2.9v and it remains at slow-down.

I've been using YGE for an entire year now, and this is only the second time I've seen this. My Prôtos did it to me once, almost exactly the same. Inverted punch out, power loss. I was able to save it, and after checking that things worked, flipped right back out of TH and flew the rest of the flight.

Bob, I don't follow what you are referring to with the servos? I had complete control during the power failure and immediately after the crash.

Personally, this hasn't shaken my confidence in my power train. If anything, I'm thinking this might have been caused by my batteries not completely being broken in. They only have 7 cycles. I recommend YGE to anyone, and two of my friends purchased the 160HV-K as well. We all are resetting LVC though.

I wish I could get skids by today. Lol. I'd be back in the air tomorrow!
Dang, sorry for your crash, but lucky about the damage! Listen, in a pinch, I used Trex 700 skids until the AleeS ones came in. They will fit but you have to dremmel the holes a little so they line up, but they work fine... just a thought if you want to get back in the air.
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