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Glad it seems to be well received so far. Thanks for all the positive feedback

If you successfully use HeliSim, please email me the type of controller you have. I will compile a list of known-working controllers and post it on the web page. Maybe send me a zip file with the joystick calibration and mapping files too…

If you make custom canopies… send me a copy, and I’ll post them in zips too.

please use the email address: freeware at

To answer some of the questions:

The expo rates do seem to be broken at “off”… They work at 5% on my system. I will fix that and put a new release up very soon.

The channel mapping can be configured to match your controller. First run Joystick calibration. Then use the Joystick Mapping function to set which stick/switch controls what. It also has channel reversing among the Joystick Mapping controls.

HeliSim uses the game controller interface. If your controller appears as a windows game controller (control panel-game controllers), it should work. If phoenix, or other controllers have special drivers and do not show up as game controllers… then they wont work with HeliSim. If you have more than one game controller, HeliSim will only talk to the first one! Its on my to-do list to make it selectable.

Frame refresh rate is the maximum your system can sustain. The graphics are re-painted as fast as your system can. The helicopter physics are updated at a fixed 20 per second. This might be a bit better if done faster, but it would be at the expense of video updates. Frame flicker is practically imperceptible on my two systems. And they do not have high end gaming 3D graphics cards...

HeliSim may work on linux under Wine. Someone please try it... The graphics are OpenGL, so there's no directx portability issues. I'm not going to release the source code for third party porting immediately. Maybe down the road.
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