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Originally Posted by 10karer View Post
I am using a DX6 with a trainer cable and PPjoy Smartpropo, works but the controler switches dont map. also having a problem with the spacebar reset.
The throttle hold and Idle up switches on a genuine RC transmitter... one used to fly helis... are NOT transmitted! They modify the throttle and pitch signals that are transmitted, but the switch state itself is NOT sent. Therefore, there is no way for HeliSim, or any sim, to figure out the position of these switches.

You have options .
1 Un-check the "use simulator throttle pitch curves" box on the joystick mapping. Then configure the throttle and pitch independently to the correct channels coming from your TX. This will pass the actual TX's throttle / pitch outputs to the sim, and the Idleup and throttle hold switches will work... However, the helisim INDICATORS (red dots at top of screen) will not work, because it still doesnt know the switch positions. You'll have to use the keyboard to initially turn off both (IU, TH) functions.

2 Use different switches on the TX which will map, or use the keyboard.

3 get a simulator controller box. Saves the wear on your regular tx too.
I've got way more hours on my sim, than my heli. Plus, you dont want your real TX to get accustomed to crashing! Do that on the sim.
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