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Originally Posted by backburner1955 View Post
Futaba makes the 14sg. $599.99

If you are looking at JR transmitters, you will not be disappointed. I love my X9303 and X9503.

If you want a nice X9503 used, you can usually find them for sale for about $295 in the forum. Pinion just sold one for $285.
I wanted 2UI's and looked at the DX8 and x9503. I was going to pick up a new dx8 but held out for a few days and then found an awesome deal from Pinion for his x9503.

I have a DX7s, dropped it once and broke a switch off it, it's still fully functional and the switch that broke was a switch that I did not ever use. The broke switch played a part in wanting a new transmitter but I really wanted to get the 2 UI's, that was my motivating factor. Pinion dropped the price for me because the radio did not have the dsmx update, and I need dsmx. I already ordered the dsmx update from HH. I also ordered a set of stick ends and a cool stand, before I get the transmitter balancer I want to get the transmitter to see how off balance it is, because Pinion has a Pulse tx battery in it.

In total I got a very nice transmitter for about $325

The stand I ordered is HERE
The stick ends I ordered is HERE

For $5 the stick ends are great, I have them on my DX7s as well, the stand is a little pricey at $22 but I figured what the heck, the stand can move from transmitter to transmitter so I got it. The best part is I ordered it from a local shop and shipping will only take 1 day, as I was lazy ans did not want to drive the 25 miles to pick it up.
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