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Originally Posted by R3L72 View Post
I was just thinking that once you get your B450 X back you might give these a whirl.

You'd said awhile back that the stock Main Blades worked for you so you weren't looking to replace them but just from my first few flights with the Revolution FBL Main Blades on Sunday I can honestly say that these are night-n-day compared to the stock 450 X Main Blades. I've tried the Radix and Edge FBL blades and didn't get this type of precision...I'm being completely Honest here.

It 'Pops' into the air on spool-up (Normal Mode), no vibs on spool-up, and feels like I added another tooth to my pinion gear. The flight was so responsive on Cyclic that I had to turn down pots 1 & 2 on the AR7200BX and it's still very sharp in input response. I'm very happy with these and hopefully within the next few days I'll be able to try the Flybarred Revolution blades on my 450 3. I just need to find an extra set of 450 X Main Blade spacers/washers; got'em somewhere in the house.

With your 3D skills you'd rock these!
Where do you buy your main blade spacers from? Would like to try a pair of these Revolution blades!
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