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Default Questions on Jeti Duplex and HC3SX

I think this question is directed toward Josh as I believe he is a happy Jeti user

I am seriously considering picking up a DS-16 when they are available here in Germany (should be soon ). I know its superficial but after seeing pictures and looking into Jeti's products... well, I simply don't like my DX8 as much anymore :-)

I have a GAUI X5 (520mm blades).

I was wondering if I can simply use an rSat2 directly into the HC3SX (PPM) or if it would be a better idea to get an R9?

Would a single rSat2 or R9 be enough or should I be running an R9 in combination with an rSat2 on a 550 sized bird anyway?

I am also planing on getting a Mezon 90 and using the Telemetry features.
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