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Originally Posted by michalp View Post

Here a friend of me flying his Blade Indoor

Nice and smooooth

That was a sweet trick. Real nice control for a small area. Good stuff.

Originally Posted by jchandler View Post
That is one mean sounding heli! Love your flying JC. Make it look so easy

Originally Posted by Ed Olson View Post
Three videos from today. Spent most of my packs practicing inverted hovering. Lighting being fixed via youtube, should be better in a bit.
Very nice as well. I'm starting to feel like I just started lol.

Originally Posted by 4DPILOT View Post

straight out of the box all stock no tweaking setup just like the manual stated

i was amazed how quick it was setup took me only 5min with the manual
That was awesome. Love seeing someone work over the stock bird. Just shows how good this heli is!

Originally Posted by guitars555 View Post
First attempt mounting the GoPro Hero 2 under the heli. I just zip-tied it to the frame directly under the mainshaft, to keep the center of gravity. I just got the 450x for Christmas, so I'm still getting used to it. Here I did some FFF circuits, a few loops, and a little inverted hovering. At 3:41 you can see and hear the tail shudder. This was due to the tail gyro gain setting being too high. I'm still dialing it in, I think I had it at 73 for this flight (I use a DX6i)
Wow, great place to get some footage. That's sweet. I will be investing in a go pro.

Originally Posted by Allen_H View Post
Here is a short video my wife took while I was trying to make some gyro changes maybe tomorrow I can record a whole flight.

That's Great this got sticked. Nice flying and good to see some videos all in one place. Right on..
Happy flying ....Brad
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