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You can set the timer to be started and stopped through the throttle by the following method:
9.3.2 Sticks / Switches Setup
This menu contains System Stick/Switch settings and configuration.
Various functions can be activated by any Switch, Stick or Knob
position. Switch setting enables you to set the points when your
desired function/timer/telemetry can be turned ON or OFF.
1. Switch & Stick Type
The first menu line item lists the control’s number and the second
item lists the type of control element. Using the “F2” and “F3”
function buttons you can scroll through channels, with the “F5 (Ok)”
button you can exit the menu screen.
2. Switch ON/OFF Points
Any proportional function can be set as a system switch. This menu
item enables you to assign the travel percentage at which a desired
function can be turn ON or OFF.
“Switch-ON” – The point when the control element positon will
switch a function ON.
“Switch-OFF” – The point when the control element positon will
switch a function OFF.

By default, the system setting for all proportional channels and for all
inputs is set to function the same as a 3-position switch.
a) A function above this point is considered to be “Switch ON”
b) A function in this range (middle) can be considered to be either
“Switch ON”or “Switch OFF”
c) A Function below this point is considered to be“Switch OFF”
If the switch setting is set at same level for “Switch ON” and “Switch
OFF”the proportional channel/function output will be the same as a
2-position switch.
3. Required Preflight Position
For any functions assigned to the Switch, Knob or Stick; any preflight
initial position can be programmed. If the pre-programed Switches,
Knobs or Sticks are not in required preflight position while model is
being activated, system will refuse to switch to this model. The
transmitter screen will display the function that is not in preprogrammed, correct preflight position.

In section 9.4 under timers it explains how to set up timers and control which flight mode you want the timer active. Here are some of he steps:

1. Editing a New Timer
a). Timer Name
When you add or change the timer name, the name is automatically
displayed in that timer’s box on the main desktop.
b). Initial Timer Value
This is where you can set the starting value for the timer. You can set
a negative or positve value for this starting point.
c). Target Timer Value
Here is where you can set the target value for the timer. This can be
set as a positive value or a negative value. The initial value and target
value will determine the timer‘s direction. If the target value is
smaller than the initial value the timer will count down. If the target
value is larger than the initial value the timer will count up.
d). Timer type
There are three possible timer types:
• Standard – The timer starts or resumes when the chosen switch
is triggered and the timer pauses when the switch is turned off. The
timer’s value is not reset when the timer is paused. Use the
„F4(Stop)“ button to stop the timer.
• Laps - The timer starts when the chosen switch is triggered.
Once the timer is started, each time the switch is triggered, the
elapsed time is stored in memory and the timer resets to your chosen
initial value. The lap number changes and the current lap time is
displayed each time the switch is triggered. Use the „F4(Stop)“
button to stop the timer. Then, you can use the „3D button“ to scroll
through the stored lap times.
• Free-Running – The timer starts counting when the chosen
switch is triggered. Once started, this type of timer can only be
stopped using the „F4(Stop)“ button.
Use the „F5(Clr)“ button from the desktop to reset the timers.
e). Report type
You can use this item to select the type of audio alarm for the timer.
Some of the choices will create an audible warning which sounds
just before the target value is reached.
f). Switch
This item is used to assign the switch or button to start the timer.
See chapter 9.7: „Select input control“.
g). Reset type
The „F5(Clr)“ button is used to reset the timers.
If you select „Short reset“ the timer is reset by a short press of the
„F5(Clr)“ button.
If you select „Long reset“ the timer is reset by a long press of the
„F5(Clr)“ button.
h). Flight modes active
This item allows you to select which flight mode(s) for which the
timer is active.

Hope this helps. The radio lets you do just about anything you want to do. It takes some configuration and testing, but with a little practice you can get it. I now have a base model set up that does nothing but have all my base parameters set up that I then copy to each new model I set up. The I just go back and change my default stick position set up for start up and set up my throttle curves and pitch curves. I've got three helis and two quads set up and once I got through the first heli it is a breeze to set up new ones.

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