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Does the newish DFC trex250 with the new tail slider fix the tail wagging problem?

I have a copterX 250 for almost three years, and was plagued by tail wag problem
until about last year when I stumbled onto a combination that didn't wag (hitec 5084mg
tail servo, microbeastx gyro). It was flying really well for a few month that someone else
with a trex 250 fbl (non-DFC) with a ds95i tail servo and a skokum 720 gyro was amazed
at how well mine flew. In reality I'm sure his flew better, but they looked about the same
in the air. Anyways, eventually the tail wore out (broken belts), ..etc and I was not able
to get it to not wag. This week I replaced the 5084mg servo with a turnigy s306hv (the
mks ds95 look alike), and the tail was quite locked in. But subsequent flights the tail
got looser and looser and I started getting slow wag again.

I think the hobbyking tail parts for the hk250 is getting lower and lower in quality and therefore
wear quickly enough to develop tailwag within a couple of flights. After a few flights there
was noticeably more play in the tail slider.

I wonder if the new align tail (shaft drive, fancy tail slider) has low enough slop so that the
tail wag problem disappears. Does anyone know?

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