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Originally Posted by dna001 View Post
Yes that will work, but fourstringin still has the tail fin installed. If he moves it forward or removes it all would be good, but the way it is now its not going to work very well.
It would seem that way but I have the motor wires flipped so the motor runs backwards. I put the blade on backward because the of the concave. So it makes it like it was on the other side. Pushing air with the correct side.

Now as far as pushing air into the fin, eh makes no difference, really think of it as using the air to pull it'sself instead of push itself. Either push air into the fin or have a tiny space to pull air from if its on the other side mounted as stock.

Mainly i have this setup so it cools the motor. Tail hold is great and works quite well.

It's going to take me a couple weeks to get my super light build done but ill do test with and with out the fin and stock position and report back.
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