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Originally Posted by dna001 View Post
Yep report back, would be interesting, When I tried this and held the heli in my hand and felt the air coming off the tail blade with fin and with out , it was obvious to Me it works better with out. In the end i went with twin tail motors. with out the fin. :-)
Yeah who knows where I will end up on the tail situation. I'm on the hunt for the lightest mcpx build i can make match with exceptional performance. Im currently deep into what im going to do for motor and esc. Tryign to get topper to make me a double fet xp3a to run my main motor. Just started a thread if you want to follow along. I wont be updating it much until i get parts in plus i have a bachelor party this weekend.

But it should be an interesting and refreshing post for a seemingly stale forum lately.
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